Aleah Vassell

Executive VA

Aleah Vassell (they/she) is an Executive Virtual Assistant for AI For The People. Being raised both in the U.S. and Canada, they are Jamaican by blood yet Canadian born with dual-American citizenship. Aleah is a Performer (singer, dancer, actor), Creator (songwriter, composer, and playwright), Arts Administrator, and Teacher/Facilitator known as the Self Care Storyteller for their work in theatre and mental health. She is Founder of Sanctuary Soul House, a self care and mental health collective (IG: @sanctuarysoulhouse), Co-Founding Artistic Director of Hear Me Roar Theatre (IG: @hearmeroartheatre), a theatre for and by the historically forgotten, a 2021 Poet Fellow with The 5th Woman Poetry organization, and creator of the new musical, MFAs: A Musical For Actors in School. Aleah holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Samford University and a MFA in Acting from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Artist Statement

"I am a creative leader and space maker who roots themselves in cultivating community, promoting mental health awareness, and doing artistic work that empowers black, queer nonbinary folks and femmes like myself as well as other minoritized groups. Through gentle, decolonized, holistic practices such as storytelling, sacred self care, and soul work, I live out my soul's purpose of helping people take up space, live in their truth, and find their authentic voice, essence, and flow, both in themselves and their projects, communities, organizations, and businesses."