Ashley Hollingshead

Executive Assistant & Peer Facilitator

Ashley (they/them) Ashley is a director, performer, and collaborator. They recently received their MFA in European Devised Performance Practice from Columbia College Chicago. Their performance practice mashes up personal narrative, pop culture, and movement made by a non-dancer body. After six years in the Midwest, the pandemic brought Ashley back to the Pacific Northwest, which is where they really belonged all along. Outside of work and art, Ashley can be found either riding their bike, cooking, or reading with their senior cat, Stranger.

Artist Statement

"I want to see people live and share their truth. I’m interested in creating work that uses the personal narrative of the performer(s) as its primary means of material. As a creator, I want to share a live moment in time with an audience. We are breathing. We are looking into each other’s eyes. We are alive. We are sharing time, space, and presence. We are witnessing each other and that is powerful and transformative. How do the acts of performing and witnessing create a third thing that wouldn’t exist without the other two?"