Ben Kaye

Executive VA

Ben is thrilled to be here with Satiated Artists! Ben is a director, performer, musician, critic, and arts administrator based in Chicago, IL. He is passionate about new play development, community engagement, and creating artistic experiences that activate our collective imaginations by joyful means. As a writer, Ben has written theatrical criticism and features for Newcity Stage, film retrospectives for The Spool, and pop culture features for He is currently the Managing Director of Red Tape Theatre, where he promotes the Free Theatre Movement and the notion that art is a necessity that should not be hindered by an economic barrier. Ben is also the creator and host of the podcast “Movie: The Musical!” covering films that have been adapted into musicals for the stage.

Artist Statement

"My hope is to make art that reflects the world around us as truthfully as possible, using the most imaginative tools at hand. Through music, movement, puppetry, and surreal imagery, the fantastical can illuminate reality. My art fights against individualism, cynicism, and selfishness, as we come to realize that community care and compassion are the means through which we can make a better tomorrow for all of us."