Brian Ashton Smith

Executive VA

Brian Ashton Smith is the Executive Virtual Assistant to Will Christensen, CEO of DataAutomation. Initially from the small town of Wharton New Jersey, Brian moved to Atlanta, GA for college. He is a graduate of Morehouse College with a degree in Theater and a minor in Psychology. Brian has been very active in Atlanta both on stage and film/television productions. He also writes and produces short films with his wife and friends. He finds joy in collaborating with other talented people to create art. When not creating, Brian enjoys spending time connecting with nature. He is an avid hiker, back country camper, and adventurer. His father instilled in him a love of working with his hands, woodworking, and building DIY projects for his home. His favorite pastime is nerding out with his wife, and creative collaborator, and playing with his two cats Albus, and Dame Evie Frye.

Artist Statement

"'I'm not a guy who cries, but you made my face leak.' This was said to me by an imposing tattooed man after a show I performed in. To this day, it's my favorite review. We all wear masks: to hide emotion, to protect our hearts, to preserve our beliefs. Art has the unique ability to reach us in ways we didn't think possible. Finding beauty in the human experience, displacing preconceived notions, and effecting change are at the core of my art. My art is dedicated to finding the cracks in the masks we wear to effect positive change in the world through a shared human experience."