Caycelynn Hoggard

Project Manager

Caycelynn Hoggard (she/her) is delighted to be joining the team at Satiated Artists as a Project Manager. Caycelynn attended Hollins University in Roanoke, VA, and earned a B.A. in Theatre with a concentration in stage management. She was able to stage manage all over the east coast and obtained credits in several plays and musicals, including six equity productions. She continued her travels as an Assistant Cruise Director and was able to explore Central and South America. After some traveling, she decided to settle down with her partner in Chicago and look for a managing career that she could take with her anywhere. Her passion for exploring the world through theatre has led her to learn a variety of communication and organization tools. These tools make her confident in her work moving forward. When she is not working on a show, Caycelynn enjoys traveling with her partner, being outdoors, visiting friends, and gaming.

Artist Statement

"Theatre is a safe space where one can tell whatever story comes to mind. We can introduce diversity and equality to people who come in not knowing what to expect. Everyone has the power to create their own interpretation of the performance, which can give a show a whole new meaning. Being a part of the "organized chaos" that is theatre creates a drive for understanding and acceptance for others. Theatre then becomes a beautiful, radical act of empathy."