Jay Rymer

Communications Coordinator & Peer Facilitator

Jaytham Firestar Rymer (they/he) is a creative writer, digital artist, and radical tattooist based in Chicago. Originally from southern California, Jay has brought their creative talents all over the world to serve a number of unique clients. In their decade of experience as a copywriter and creative marketing coordinator, they have worked for names like Microsoft, Sony, OpenTable, Blizzard Entertainment, Super Glue, and more. Jay graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in History, focusing on bringing to light the crucial ties between historical actions and present truths. He particularly emphasizes the effects of colonialism and white supremacy on current oppressive
systems. Their movement towards this belief is supplemented by their experience on the Board of LUC Feminist Forum, as well as their work as an LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training Coordinator and Transgender Youth Group Facilitator with the LGBTQ+ Center of Orange County.

Jaytham is passionate about tearing down conventional roadblocks and industry standards that gate keep all types of artists from being able to express themselves freely or having equal access to artistic resources. He is so excited to be a part of the Satiated Artists team, where he can continue to contribute his creative talents and experiences in a way that betters the world around him.

Artist Statement

"Cesar A. Cruz once said that “art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed”. Art is the catalyst through which movements spark and revolutions coruscate. Nobody owns art; nobody has the authority to determine what type of value - or how much of it - is to be placed on any type of creation. Art tells every story you need to know about the individual, the people, the culture, and the times. As Rebecca Makkai stated, “Art is a radical act. Joy is a radical act. This is how we keep fighting. This is how we survive”. Essentially, art is the antithesis of oppression. Keep creating!"