Meredith Bihl

Project Manager

Meredith is a theatre artist, stage manager and project manager currently based in Connecticut. Her passion for theatre started at a very early age, and she has worked in almost every aspect of production from run crew through performer to company manager. Her attention to detail and enjoyment of people has led her to seek roles in which she works to foster connections and work with teams to bring a vision from idea to reality, in both her professional and artistic life. She has been able to leverage her enthusiasm, gregariousness and adaptability in many fields on her journey, having previously worked in IT, finance, marketing and consulting before settling into her role as a project manager. She strongly believes in fostering community and collaboration as touchstones for creating dynamic working and artistic efforts, whether it is in marketing or the arts.

Artist Statement

"Theatre provides so many things- an expression of authenticity, a hope for change, and an alternative lens through which to see new versions of people and situations thought to be understood. Arts communities allow for an additional richness and depth of human experience, and I want to share that in whatever way I can. "