Taylor Blim

Executive Assistant

Taylor Blim is a writer and actor. A Chicago native, she received her BFA in acting from The Theatre School at Depaul University and has worked in film, TV and theatre for over 10 years. She can be spotted on TV in Fargo, Chicago Med, and Utopia, or on stage at Steppenwolf, The Goodman, and Chicago Shakespeare to name a few.

During her time in Chicago Taylor won an Equity Jeff Award for her performance in The Wolves at The Goodman Theatre. Then a year later was cast in writer/ director Minhal Baig’s acclaimed indie film “Hala,” which screened in the U.S. Dramatic Category at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and was acquired to be the first to stream on Apple TV+. Taylor’s love of well written scripts drew her to screenwriting. Her most recent script is a feature film in development with production company, Nice Work Films.

Taylor relishes her huge family, mothering heirloom tomatoes, vinegar, funk and mousse.

Artist Statement

"I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago. I played pretend with my cousins in the forest preserves and created treasure from scraps until I was too old to do so. Admittedly, I still like to do this. Pretending grew into performing and my creations took less crude forms. Nowadays, I cherish being a part of a theatre ensemble, or crafting a story or art piece. I think it is all some kind of play. I hope to remain in kahoots with my sense of wonder from the forest preserves. So far, I highly recommend it."