Amanda Winston

New Project Specialist and Project Manager

Amanda (she/her) is the New Project Specialist for Satiated Artists and Lead Project Manager for one of SA’s larger clients. She focuses on managing project flow and pipeline capacity, onboarding their new team members, supporting operational visioning, and leading their project management needs. Fun fact, she was also the very first to join Satiated Artists! Originally from Carmel, Indiana, Amanda is a Butler University graduate with a BA in Theatre and is a Chicago based actor and stage manager with various credits in theatre, film, commercials, and voiceover. As an actor, she’s found that her understanding of the human condition makes her the perfect advocate for client needs, while also understanding the heart of what good marketing should seek to accomplish. When she’s not working or acting, Amanda loves going on adventures with her husband and dog and gaming/geeking around with her close group of friends. 

Artist Statement

"As an actor, creator, voiceover artist, and collaborator it is my objective to sow truth and authenticity into everything I create or perform. By telling and sharing stories I provoke my audiences to listen more deeply, think a little differently, and embrace whatever it is they're feeling. Through creation and collaboration we can find new truths and experiences as we share and build community."