How it works

Why settle for conventional when you can have extraordinary? Our artists’ unique blend of creativity and administrative expertise transforms mundane tasks into innovative solutions.

Don’t just manage your workload – reimagine it.

How we work

  • Initial Consultation: We believe in the power of a conversation and so we begin with a 30 minute Discovery Call.
  • Curated Matching: We’re experts at matchmaking and we’ll hand select your top three candidates within 3-5 business days.
  • Concierge Service Interviewing: We are with you at every step, helping you prepare for and hold each interview.
  • Risk-Free: We’re confident in our matches. That’s why there is no up front fee. A deposit covers 40 hours of service and is refundable if our matches don’t work for you, no questions asked.

You’ll be working with an expert throughout the interview and decision making process, and we continue to support the growth and development of your Artful Admin throughout your time together with our continuous training and development behind the scenes.

Why choose an Artful Admin?

Artists are consummate communicators, solution-oriented, highly adaptable, and emotionally intelligent. And you can feel extra good that you’re providing an artist a livable wage and a pathway to continuing to bring their art into the world.

More questions? Good, because we love to chat. Schedule a call.

Anand Kalra, Exec. Director

Queer Cultural Center

Laura and her team have done their homework! Their entire process from intake through matching is astonishingly tailored, efficient, and human-centered. I feel a huge relief knowing that my EA has health insurance that I can’t afford to pay her. As a finance and operation consultant, the success of my business depends on my reputation as a reliable tech savvy person. But I mess up my Zoom links as often as everybody else! Jennifer’s cheerful attention to detail, especially my clients’ scheduling needs, means that I can show up as my best self, even if that’s not how I woke up that day.

Let’s get started

We cannot wait to bring the power of our creative professionals to the mission and purpose of your business.

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