Dionne Addai 

Executive Assistant and Operations Coordinator

Dionne (she/they) is a performer, writer, director, and teaching artist local to Chicago. She graduated from Loyola University with degrees in Gender Studies and History. She enjoys creating art that reduces the stigma that can come with talks about sex and sexuality.
As a performer, Dionne has multiple on-camera credits, and has worked with over 20 renowned theatre companies in the US. She’s directed and written for some of those companies as well, on stage and on camera. Outside of work she enjoys drawing, making music with friends, and terrible reality tv dating shows.

Artist Statement

"My focus is storytelling in its many forms. I'm passionate about advocating for reproductive rights, racial justice, and free comprehensive sex education. My artistic practice centers on educating in order to encourage political action and mutual aid. I'm compelled to work on my personal growth and liberation in order to help others do the same."