Janesia Kelly

Account Manager and Executive Assistant

Born in Tampa, Florida, Janesia “Jai” Shanae is a poised, multi-talented artist with an infinite love for theatre and various forms of art.

Previously majoring in Chorus, Creative Writing, and Musical Theater during her high school years, her passion lies in exploring the healing power of art, especially in the context of trauma. With a keen focus on relationships and the psychology of human interactions, Janesia’s work allows her to communicate with an authenticity and nuance that audiences find deeply moving; inviting others to tap into the transformative potential of artistic expression.

Whether on stage or in the wider community, Janesia seeks to expand and inspire the lives of others. She is driven to use her platform to support those who have experienced trauma firsthand and has a long-term goal of establishing safe spaces for battered women and children.

When Janesia isn’t on stage, she is either being a Titi, making frequent visits with any animal she can cuddle, or in the grass drawing in solitude.

Artist Statement

"My artistic pursuits are led by a commitment to building intentionally meaningful and lasting connections, both with others and with oneself. Start expanding from the inside so you may inspire on the outside."