Laura Gouin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For Laura Gouin (she/hers), satiation is the art of giving more than is expected. Her company, Satiated Artists, serves forward-thinking entrepreneurs and change-makers by matching them with administrative staff drawn from the creative arts. With a stable income and a supportive environment, artists are able to bring the best of their talents to the organization, creating a truly satiating relationship for everyone.

Laura leverages her experience in theater and film casting to custom match her clients with their most ideal support and these artists are then taken through her systematic training program, founded in principles of teaching learned from her Masters degree in education.

Her unique approach to hiring, training, and team building, has served organizations for over two decades by placing hires that stick long-term, and fostering teams that truly thrive.

Artist Statement

"'How did we get here?' often bounces around my brain when working on a new piece. For it is not the moment of the kiss or the clash that I find most interesting. Rather it’s the moment just before, when impulse meets choice that is the most profound."