Lyn Starr

Operations Coordinator

Lyn Starr is a multi-talented performing artist from Pittsburgh, PA. He began his journey in music at 10 years old when he started singing jazz at the Afro-American Music Institute in Homewood and then moved toward classical music once he started to attend Rogers CAPA Middle School. At about 15, inspired by the multifaceted career of Donald Glover, Lyn fell in love with being a rapper. He started creating original songs, and at 17 he started his own music label, High Five Productions because he wanted a platform to perform and release his music. All the while, he continued to hone his vocal skills by completing his primary schooling at CAPA High school and attending Seton Hill University as a vocal performance major, graduating in 2018. His diverse background has provided a platform to perform operas, musicals, solo recitals, solo Hip Hop shows, and more. Lyn has released five mixtapes and five EPs to date, along with several singles and other music projects. Tierra, released in December 2020, is his most recent release.

Currently, Lyn lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is pursuing a Master’s Degree in the Music Industry at the University of Southern California. He is also continuing to expand his career and outreach by performing in a variety of shows across the west coast.


Artist Statement

"Art exists in everything we do and everything we see. It is our jobs as human beings to live in our artistic truths and create, create, create!"