Renee Lynn Jackson

Project Manager and Operations Coordinator

Renee is a multi-disciplinary artist splitting time between North and South America. An avid traveler, her work has benefited from a lifetime of calling a new state or country “home” every couple of years. She has a passion for communication; languages being communication tools that help foster connection and understanding, art is one this world’s many languages. She thrives in roles that require collaboration and a “yes, and” mentality. Her performing arts background has greatly influenced her dynamic and organization-tailored Project Management style while her work as an editor and literary manager reinforce a tendency towards precision.

Artist Statement

"Renee is a moving target, never in one place for very long. She is interested in contrast. Her visual art primarily features static images of bodies in movement, while her performances focus on the intersection between strength and delicacy or tenderness. Her work explores themes of tenuous balance amidst changeability and disequilibrium. "