Sam Partridge

Project Manager

Sam Partridge is from New Zealand and has lived in China, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Ohio. During his last decade in Columbus Ohio, he has worked in PR, Marketing, Project Management, Copy-Writing and in Change Management. With the flexibility that Satiated Artists offers, he hopes to satisfy all of his performance goals, complete 4-5 plays or films in a 12 month period, and have the freedom to pick and choose from the live performance opportunities that come up in his life.

Artist Statement

"I'm trying to learn and experience as many new things as I can as a performance artist. I've got a real film acting agent that I'm working to submit auditions with, I'm taking voice, film acting, movement classes, and I'm learning clowning (not something I ever imagined I'd do!). I'm jumping back into stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy and I'm saying "yes" to projects based on if they excite me rather than whether I have the time to do them! "