Tess Galbiati

Project Manager

Tess is currently based in Chicago as an actor, musician, and burgeoning intimacy choreographer. She received her BA in Theatre Performance from Arizona State University, where she also studied Psychology. Since moving to the midwest, she has focused a considerable amount of her artistic career working within children’s theatre, performing in multiple shows with Chicago Kids Company and as a performer with multiple Princess companies in the region. In addition, she has worked with a handful of Shakespearean companies, and will be performing as Hamlet with Stone Soup Shakespeare in Summer of 2021. She also loves combining these opposing genres to introduce kids to Shakespeare. Her speciality in the theatre– and also in her daily life– is working with others to help solve problems with many moving parts. She loves nothing more than breaking down complex languages, or other puzzles, into bite sized chunks so everyone can be on the same page and be part of the same story.

Artist Statement

"As an artist and as a human being, I believe and advocate for kindness and accessibility. Perhaps that’s why I have passion towards working in Children’s theatre. I want to make stories-- all kinds of stories-- accessible to all kinds of people of all ages, who might not get the chance to experience them otherwise. That focus on accessibility is also responsible for why I am pursuing further education to be an Intimacy Choreographer. I believe that accessibility and safety to the arts should be extended to artists as well."