Independent, Together: Remote Work is Here to Stay

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, remote work was barely a flicker of a thought in the minds of many CEOs and employees alike. Everything changed overnight when office buildings closed their doors and local governments urged all of us to stay at home. A large percentage of the workforce suddenly had to contend with setting up home offices and venturing into the virtual world of Zoom meetings.

At Satiated Artists, our team has been working remotely since the company was founded. While we had a leg up in already being set up for remote work success, the quickly changing world provided us with an opportunity to help clients old and new navigate the new landscapes of work.

Companies are now exploring the future of work beyond the pandemic. We’ve heard a consistent message from our employees and clients alike: Remote work is the way of the future.

For some companies and individuals, remote work is…

More SUSTAINABLE. Companies save on overhead, supplies, and office space costs. Employees don’t necessarily have to leave their jobs if life takes them to a new home base. They also get their commute time back and have fewer distractions to contend with. Not to mention the various impacts remote work could have on our country’s housing challenges.

More ACTIONABLE. Fully realized remote collaboration relies on communication: synchronous, asynchronous, verbal, and written. When more attention is paid to communication in an organization, everyone wins. Fewer balls get dropped and systems can ultimately become more efficient in serving their users. Business leaders can have added confidence in their team’s follow through because of this level of baseline accountability.

More SCALABLE. Much like with communication, working remotely often forces organizations to build and sharpen their onboarding and training programs, something most leaders want but ultimately deprioritize. Strong onboarding can reduce turnover, improve morale, set folks up for success, and bring in results more quickly. Our Administrative Coordinators are well-versed in building out and improving onboarding and training processes for our clients, as this work allows us to help tell your story in an organized, effective, and clear way.

More INTENTIONAL. Certain roles are not possible to fulfill in a 100% remote capacity, and it is important that opportunities and services remain available and accessible to local communities. Carefully considering which areas of a business must be done in-person and which can be more flexible will ensure any overhead costs incurred are fully necessary and fully fit into the skillsets of onsite team members. There’s a clear disconnect at play today between employees and many employers trying to persuade their teams to return to the office, which calls for all parties to be intentional with their expectations and agreements.

More INCLUSIVE. Limiting hiring to local candidates and limiting working to onsite-only can cause organizations to miss out on talented candidates and service providers outside of their area. Remote work opportunities also do better to include folks with disabilities, illnesses, caretaking responsibilities, and other important commitments. One of the most common points of feedback we get during our exit interviews is with regards to our remote community here at Satiated Artists. We are proof that it is possible to build a strong, diverse, and values-aligned community at a distance, and we’re constantly working to grow our community even further.

When it comes to the prevalence of remote work there are challenges that still remain, but the bus is here so grab a seat! We have been working remotely since Satiated Artists was founded about a decade ago, so we were fortunate enough to have been spared the business transition to working from home when the COVID-19 pandemic materialized. This means our Administrative Coordinators have always been, and will continue to be, screened and trained to conduct work remotely.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our services and how your organization can benefit from a remote administrative team member.


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