Their matchmaking is unique because they really focused on the type of person that I needed, prioritizing soft skills and culture fit. Dan is such a great fit for me and my organization, I extended him a full-time offer of employment after only two months. The candidate selection and interview process was efficient and organized – a breeze, actually! My experience with them has been 100% positive from start to finish.

Daliah Fritz (Owner of My Small Business Pro)

Working with Satiated Artists was a breeze and has been a game changer for me and my business. I knew I needed help. Laura was patient with all of my questions as I walked through this process. Just a few weeks into working with my new virtual assistant, I can already feel the relief – that someone has my back and is looking out for my best interests. I’ve already seen the financial gains too, thanks to a renewed ability to focus on what I’m great at. I’m incredibly thankful to Laura and team; they source awesome candidates and pay close attention to fit. I couldn’t be more happy with the process and the placement. Thrilled to recommend Satiated Artists to any entrepreneur / small business owner!

Emily Drake (CEO and Co-Founder of The Collective Agency)

From the very first day I started working with Lia (my VA) I knew she had my back. She immediately started creating ways to support me based on how I worked, that integrated with how she worked. It’s like riding a two person bike when both people are peddling!

I appreciated the method used to match me to my VA. It was a much deeper process than just looking for someone who could fit the job description. It included my personality and work style. In addition, the VAs are supported in a collaborative group outside of my company so they are not alone in how to create processes that work and have support when needed.

To not at least explore the SA process for hiring is doing yourself and your business a disservice if you truly are committed to having things work with optimum efficiency.

SA came from a trusted referral. After the initial conversation with Laura and Mikala, I was convinced they had this system down with the right types of candidates and that was an accurate assessment.

Jami Amidon (Broker | Agent | Advisor for Keller Williams Realty)

I have made some expensive personnel mistakes as a business owner by either hiring the wrong person or by not properly equipping them for the job. Satiated Artists helped me avoid both of these pitfalls by using a very thorough process to give me access to outstanding candidates for my hire and then providing additional training and support to my new teammates even after the hire.

I really appreciated how Satiated Artists managed the process of discovering what my company needed, interviewing candidates and using assessments to make the right finalists available to me. By the time I got involved in the interviewing process, the finalists were so outstanding that the biggest challenge was picking the right fit but using the assessments provided by Satiated Artists made the right choice obvious.

If your team is growing and you are tired of wasting time, money and energy correcting your bad hiring decisions, partner with Satiated Artists and they will help you get it right the first time.

I initially chose Satiated Artists because of the impact they had on a friend’s company and I continue to refer contacts there because of the excellent service.

Tyler Jeffcoat (CEO of Seller Accountant)

I’m increasingly SO GLAD we went with Jen, super grateful you helped us connect with her, and BEYOND delighted to have her mind on the Virtempo project. It’s almost uncanny how perfect her technical writing background and assimilation mind is for what we need in this work; more than we knew (but sensed) when we were originally interviewing.

I also understand now more than ever that truly syncing with a “second mind” is a mutual learning process that takes time, years even to really find the right flow. But, that process of sharing how your mind works and learning from another’s mind is so enlightening on many levels. Super happy to be working with Jen.

Super grateful for you two and your careful, professional, in-depth and truly heart-driven matchmaking process.

Aydika James (Founder of Your Pet Brain)

I’ve been able to connect with people who are my opposite, who are complementary to my working style, and learn from them. Personally, I am better at managing my time after working for a year with a Satiated Artist who is a master at that. I’m also better at saying “no” and drawing boundaries around my schedule. Outside of that, my business has been expanded to a place where it can grow to the next level. This may sound cliche, but it’s exactly what we needed! The thing about Satiated Artists that I appreciate the most is an opportunity to know that I’m covered. What I mean by that is: As a CEO, I am so excited and so creative, people can’t keep up with me. I tend to be the type of person that can burn out my administrative support. With the help of the Satiated team, we were able to preserve the relationships with those individuals who were getting burnt out. I am happy to say that people who are my opposite are now happy to work for me. This took a lot of effort and growth on my part as well, but as a team, we were able to bridge that gap. I would say that it’s a little bit like paying for insurance. The cost-savings in having the right person at the right time who is backed up by an amazing team at Satiated is well worth it. It also gives you that warm comfort blanket of knowing that if something goes wrong, they can help you find another amazing individual to fill that role. The number one reason I decided to work with Satiated was because my business was in serious trouble and disarray. I had good ideas, and we were providing solid value, but nothing was systemized. Boundaries had not been drawn around products. We didn’t know how to say no. Through working with the Satiated Artists on our team, we have built out processes and boundaries that help us thrive. I plan to use Satiated in all of the businesses I build and grow!

Will Christensen (CEO of Data Automation and WAS Services)

Satiated Artists was the best thing to happen to my business in 2018. I got lucky and you won’t have the same story as me. But, you can have the same impact. I’ll explain.

I’ve worked very closely with the Satiated team for around 4 years, steadily growing my business. In 2018, Laura sat me down. She explained that I needed an Executive Assistant and that her team could help. Her case was clear and compelling, but we were very busy and my perception was I needed to just work harder to get through the crunch. Laura insisted and asked me to trust their process. In hindsight, it was the act of a friend pointing out the obvious that I was too close to see. I agreed and let her take over.

The Satiated team was kind and patient and persistent . In a few short weeks they articulated my needs, provided insightful pre-interview documentation that helped me screen the 3 candidates I wanted to interview. They guided me through the selection process, trained Shanyn and my business hasn’t been the same since.

I’m much more focused on the important activities only I can do which helped the business have its best year last year and put us on track to double revenue this year. Our team is much more cohesive because we are well organized and have a lot less stress.

It’s very likely you don’t know the Satiated team as well as I do. They probably won’t just show up one day and sit you down like they did me. But if you’re reading this, you’re half way there. If you see yourself in any part of my story, trust their process. While my story is unique, the impact they created is not.

Bill Ferrante (CEO and Founder of Throttle Up)

Building a team is not an easy task and getting an entrepreneur to relinquish even the smallest bit of control can be quite a feat…But when you find the right person, the rewards of having a support system and someone to help calm the crazy makes it all worth it. So today I want to give a big thank you to the most amazing assistant! Thank you for handling whatever I throw your way with poise and grace ????…For holding down the fort when I leave on last minute trips to the jungle ????…And for texting me late at night to remind me about early morning appointments that you know I most likely have forgotten about ????‍♀️Basically, thank you for being you ❤️

Megan Harrison (CEO of Megan Harrison Consulting)

The biggest positive impact that Satiated Artists has had on me is structure. I’m a really high quickstart type of person, and I leave a wake of things unfinished. Dan has put some great stopgaps and processes in place to make sure things STOP falling through the cracks. What I most appreciate about my experience with Satiated Artists is their flexibility. All that stuff that you’re actually NOT the greatest at? All that extra stuff sucking up your time that’s not letting you have fun in your business anymore? Why? It doesn’t have to be this way. The way Satiated matched me with Dan was ideal. Instead of relying soley on an interview, they took the time to make an assessment, train me on how best VA fits work, and helped me find just the right fit. The trust was built in from the beginning. I didn’t need another ME, I needed my opposite.

Megan Dahle (Money Mentor and Virtual CFO for Soloprenuers and Small Businesses)

Laura pulled together a stellar team, managed the work efficiently, and generated results that were greater than we envisioned. She did all of this with such pleasantness, professionalism, and panache. There is no question that I will continue to pull Laura in on future projects. She’s the best!

When I wasn’t able to work during the pandemic because I was melting down or my family needed me, my VA kept me and my business afloat. Not just afloat but continually strengthening.

Laura is an invaluable entrepreneurial thought partner. Mikala has grown me as a supervisor. I don’t just have a VA – I have access to a whole mind trust of business efficiency and growth.

If you want a companion to grow your business, get connected with the RIGHT one through the Satiated Artists pairing and equipping system.

Jonny Stax (President of AdaptNation)

Satiated Artists helped me when I was in a pinch… I knew I needed virtual assistance, but the last assistant I hired was a disaster. I was so buried in work that I didn’t have time to look over a long list of candidates, but needed a solution YESTERDAY. I reached out to Laura at Satiated Artists and told her what I was looking for. Within two days she placed me with one of her candidates and it’s been a match made in digital heaven. My assistant has freed up 10+ hours a week of my time and is now taking on projects I never dreamed of being able to complete. He’s a rock solid guy and I’m thrilled to have him on my team.

If you’re looking for an assistant and don’t have the time (or desire!) to page through dozens of applicants, let Satiated Artists get you the support you need. #hellyeah

Casey Stanton (CEO and Founder of CMOx)

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda when I was brought on board to manage Dr. Jolene Brighten’s digital marketing efforts for her Post Birth Control Syndrome Awareness Week. Amanda never missed a beat. She always knows what is pending, who still needs answers and is very quick to reply to questions from anyone on the team. Amanda is professional in meetings and keeps the meetings flowing and conversations on target. She is personable, organized and very efficient. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and her work ethic.

Jackie Rey (Founder of Jax Group Strategic Marketing)

Thank you, Amanda! We’re so pleased and excited for the new site. I’ve been super impressed with your project management skills and ability to keep everything so organized and efficient! Your team is amazing and we’re so grateful!I honestly was blown away with working with your team and the quality of work that was delivered. I always mention your company when working with new clients.

Babe Hoffarber (Founder of Profits and Partners and Director of Growth Marketing at Evolving Wisdom)