Are you looking to add or expand project management or administrative assistance in your team? Consider who you’re missing out on if you limit your candidate search to local individuals.

People who can work from remote are required to be top notch communicators in order to maintain their positions. Satiated Artists communicate as needed, with precision, and through designated systems. Making sure things don’t fall through the cracks is a given responsibility that comes with any remote position, so you have added confidence in your team’s motivation to follow through.

You’re also missing out on candidates who are spread across the country and potentially even the globe who could be your perfect fit. There are individuals who require remote positions, such as those with family members to look after, disabled or sick people, or individuals with additional commitments that perhaps keep them on the road or tied to a higher ed course schedule. These people are just as capable as the candidates who happen to live in the vicinity of your business, and they deserve consideration.

On another note, your business and your team save time and therefore money when working remotely. Commutes and other distractions are eliminated and office space maintenance, supplies, and overhead costs are no longer relevant. If you go with a contractor like a Satiated Artist, you save on the costs associated with employees as well (though we encourage employee relationships with our candidates if and when it makes sense).

Of course, there are likely some duties that require an individual to be on-site for that you may have in mind when resisting the idea of a remote team member. For some businesses, remote workers are truly not feasible. For example, you may have a business where you need a PM to be on a construction site to oversee your team in real time, or perhaps your customers need dealt with strictly on a face-to-face basis. Satiated Artists is likely not the best solution for you in those cases.

However, for a lot of businesses we find their on-site in-office needs are not necessarily under the umbrella they believe them to be. It may make sense to envision your VA being the one to fetch your mail or to go on coffee runs for you, but Satiated Artists are not best utilized for these matters, as those needs can be delegated to an entry level individual or service provider. Satiated Artists are high level administrative minds who should be assigned work according to their value. Don’t hire an assistant who can help grow your business and keep you in your unique ability and then use them for errands. These are two different sets of responsibilities.

A great match for you and your team is out there, and being flexible during your hiring search will give you access to a higher quality and wider range of administrative professionals. If you’d like to get a sense of the candidates we can offer, send an email to We’d be happy to have a no-pressure chat with you about what parameters should be non-negotiables for your admin team.

-Mikala Francini