Satiated Artists recognizes that hiring a virtual assistant is expensive. However, we also recognize this important truth: adding a virtual assistant to your team can save you money.  We often meet with clients who at first are resistant to the cost of bringing on help when they could just as easily execute the work they would otherwise delegate to an “expensive” assistant.

We ask you to sit down with a notepad and think about this:  What is the cost of an hour of your time?

In other words, what is an hour of your time worth to you? What is an hour of your time worth to your business? To your clients? To your family, friends, and your other outside-of-work values and commitments?

What is the value of every single task you do, on any given day you are working?

Satiated Artists finds that many people don’t have an understanding of what their own time is worth, and consequently don’t see the full picture when it comes to what value a VA can bring to their business.

Let’s face it, there’s a really good chance Beyonce herself is not booking her world tour travel arrangements. You won’t find Jeff Bezos spending hours in his inbox responding to customer service inquiries.

Your time is valuable no matter how big your business is, and no matter who you are. No one can afford to waste time on tasks they could delegate. No matter how much money you have, everything you do needs to help your bottom line. Managing time efficiently leads to success.

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “time is money.” Everyone, Beyonce and Jeff Bezos included, has the same 24 hours in any one day as you do. It all depends on how you use those hours.

Let’s get back to that notepad and determining the cost of an hour of your time. To think about what your time is worth, consider what you pay yourself and all overhead costs. How much are you billing your clients? Remember, you can’t charge a competitive rate for administrative time, so you need to maximize the number of hours per week you can realistically charge a higher rate.

Next, keep in mind that a lot of your time is not productive. How many times a day do you get distracted by an email or pulled into unnecessary meetings?  And then how much additional time is wasted trying to ramp back up into the task you were doing before said distraction?

We encourage you to calculate not just how much a virtual assistant would cost but how much could be gained by having those hours returned to you. Bringing on a VA is not only cost effective and sensible – it’s forward thinking. VA’s take on more responsibility over time, since your business is able to grow due to the newfound time you have back on your hands. They can take on the projects or initiatives you’ve always wanted to implement but could never focus on. They can problem solve, protect you from distraction, streamline process, and eventually learn your business inside and out to help you maintain your overall mission.

Our VA’s are ready to hit the ground running. Focus on the things only you can do, we’ll take care of the rest. Reach out to if you’re ready to discuss if adding one of our resources could help you maximize your time doing the things only you can do.

Still not convinced an assistant is worth the financial cost? Satiated Artists invites you to do this: write down every single task you do on any given day, then separate it into a list of the tasks only you can do and a list of the tasks you can delegate. Then reach out to to schedule a complimentary call with our CEO, Laura. We’re confident we can help uncover even more items you could move over to the “delegate” portion of your list.

-Mikala Francini