The world tells artists in a variety of ways that in order to be a true artist, you must starve.

It’s told to us by parents who worry and encourage us to get a “safe” degree.  It’s told to us by movies that show a struggling actor slinging beers at the local bar or carrying food laden trays at the chain restaurant.  It’s told to us by that voice deep inside asking, “Are you sure you’re doing the right thing?”

Type “starving” and enter a space into your search engine and I guarantee you one of the top suggested results will be “starving artist”.

Anyone who has sung La Vie Boheme in a PBR haze late at night at karaoke is probably actually living the bohemian life; where each day is touch and go on paying bills and finding time to create art.  And while it’s true that struggle is sometimes the well from which artists draw their deepest inspiration, I believe there’s another option.

I believe that artists have something that cannot be taught.

They see the world through a different lens and they can connect that lens to their audience in a way that moves them to action.  Plugging in to that creative energy is a valuable resource.  Artists know how to tell a story.

And being able to tell your story is essential to doing business of any kind.

-Laura Gouin