Our Origin Story
“Business at its heart is an artistic creation.”

“I believe we all show up as the best versions of ourselves when we aren’t starving for time or money. When we have enough. Creating from this place of satiation is where our  most significant inspirations take flight, where we are free to take the risks to become greater than we ever imagined. This is the space from which together artist and entrepreneur can truly change the world.”

-CEO and Founder Laura Gouin

Laura Gouin
SA Founder

Why the funny name?
“Satiation means to be really, truly satisfied.”

The world tells artists in a variety of ways that in order to have the right to call yourself an “artist”, you must starve. We believe there’s another way.


We advocate for the concept of satiation for all human beings. Having enough enhances quality of life and allows humans to bring their best selves to work.

For our artists it means having the freedom and flexibility to follow their passions while making a living wage with benefits.

For our clients it means having the freedom and flexibility to focus on the things only they can do while our artful admins take care of the rest.

And the secret sauce, the way we truly satiate is that behind each match, you get us, an entire executive team who collectively has over 25 years of experience.

Think of us as a staffing agency, a recruitment firm, a training and coaching program, an artistic community, and a consultancy all in one.

This is what satiation creates.

Let us show you how our satiated artists are the powerful hires your business has struggled to find.